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For whatever reason, the Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. has slipped in the eyes of the public over the last year or so — that’s a mistake.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

Let’s be real, when Ronald Acuna Jr. broke onto the scene with the Atlanta Braves in 2018 it took the team to a different level that has led to three straight division titles and a trip to the NLCS in 2020.

For a while there, many people considered him not just to be the best young superstar in all of baseball, but someone who could take the place of Mike Trout as the best player in the sport.

However, for whatever reason, Acuna has faded a little bit over the past year.

Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

It’s like people forgot this man was on the verge of a 40-40 season in 2019 had he not gotten injured to end the year.

We sift through the socials giving you an update on what some of the Atlanta Braves players are doing, including a buff-looking Ronald Acuna Jr.
Social media certainly has its problems, but one thing it does is gives us fans a glimpse into the life of our favorite Atlanta Braves players like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mike Soroka.

Authentic Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

I’ll be honest, I’ve never had an Instagram account and never thought I’d need one. But apparently, that is the app of choice for the kids today, so I finally broke down and created an Instagram account so I could keep up with these Braves players in the offseason.

You’ll have to forgive me, as I’m still learning how the app works. And if you know any good follows from the Braves outside of Acuna, Ozzie, and Soroka let me know.

Womens Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

We’ll start with Ronal Acuna Jr. as he recently posted a video of him working out (I now can’t find the video — still learning Instagram), but you can still see it on Facebook here.

EDIT: Right after I posted this Acuna uploaded another workout video.

Not that Acuna didn’t ever look fit or in shape, but he looks fantastic in this video. Maybe it’s just that he lost the dreads — I love his look much better without him — but he looks faster. In fact, he looks like a guy who is determined to hit that 50-50 mark this season.

Man, do I hope he stays healthy all year to see if he can actually make it happen because I believe he can.

Cheap Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

Next up is the beloved Canadian, Mike Soroka, who posted this picture of him throwing a baseball at Truist Park in a Calgary Flames jersey to gear up for the start of the NHL season.

First of all, that flow is beautiful and makes me so jealous — I wish I could grow hair like that, but I digress.

The bigger news for Braves fans is that our ace is looking healthy, and it’s good to know he’s in Atlanta getting treatment as he tries to get ready for the start of the 2021 season.

Atlanta still hasn’t signed a back-up catcher for the upcoming season, but perhaps they already have someone in mind.

William Contreras impressed a lot of people with his short stint in the big leagues last year, and he posted a video of him doing work at the yard recently.

Youth Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey

Of course, normally a guy hitting batting practice tanks isn’t a huge endorsement for how good he’s going to be, but it’s the offseason, let us be hopeful.

And finally, it was Ozzie Albies birthday recently and posted a picture of his awesome Atlanta Braves birthday cake.

Sure, he didn’t have the best season in 2020 — also mainly because of injury — but as I keep saying, you can’t put a ton of stock in 2020 numbers — good or bad.

And still, Acuna slashed .250/.406/.581 with 14 home runs, a wRC+ of 159, and 2.4 WAR.

But in a recent poll by of 20 club executives, they voted Ferando Tatis Jr. as the young superstar they would pick to start their franchise. The poll only included Tatis, Juan Soto, and Acuna.

Tatis received 11 votes, Soto five, and Acuna four.

I get that Soto is probably already the best hitter in the league and that’s hard to pass up, but he’s really below-average in every other aspect of his game. He’s not a great defensive player and doesn’t give you a ton of speed.

To me, that eliminates him from this discussion.

Tatis and Acuna are much better all-around players and both play a primary position in the field.

Acuna will likely settle in right field, but I think that will only increase his value as I predict he’ll win several Gold Glove awards in right.

Tatis is a solid defensive player at short and is able to cover a lot of ground with his 6-foot-three frame.

He’s also taken the mantle as the flashiest player in the sport and is in all the TV ads right now, so I’m sure that’s playing into the hearts of a lot of these voters.

I’m certainly not trying to slight Tatis (or Soto, for that matter), but he hasn’t even played more than 150 games in his big league careeer. Plus, while he was outstanding to start 2020, he really faded in September, so you wonder if the league is starting to catch up to him.

We’re obvioulsy bias here, but Acuna still seems like the right answer to the question “what young superstar would you take to start a franchise?”

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And with the workout videos he’s posting on Instagram this offseason, he’s certainly training like someone who wants to regain that title and possibly keep the MVP trophy with the Atlanta Braves in 2021.

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