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Patrick Weigel made Talking Chop’s 2019 top prospect list at No. 15, and the 2020 list at No. 11. He sports a mid-90s fastball, a really nice slider, and a good 12-6 curve. Patrick made it to the major leagues twice in 2019. He spent 6 glorious days enjoying the big league life, being the rookie in the bullpen, tasting the sunflower seeds. The one thing that he didn’t do was appear in a game, so I have no video of that.

Patrick Weigel Jersey

What went right in 2020?

Patrick Weigel was selected as the 29th man of the doubleheader versus the Nationals on September 4th. He was called on to pitch in the seventh and last inning of a one-run game.

He picked up two outs in the game. One was getting Victor Robles to hit a weak ground ball to Austin Riley.

Braves Patrick Weigel Jersey

As is now the case in Major League Baseball, the Braves and Nationals both have the ability to add an extra player to their rosters due to a doubleheader on Friday. For Atlanta, they will call up a familiar name among Braves prospects that many have hoped would make his debut this season.

Weigel is currently ranked as the 16th prospect on the Braves top 30 prospect list via MLB.Com. He has been with Atlanta since being picked in the seventh round of the 2015 draft. Weigel has long been viewed as a starter, but recently gained more work out of the bullpen, with very encouraging results toward the end of last season.

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While today obviously will have little bearing on his long term future, if the Braves can establish a commanding lead in either game, seeing Weigel in action for the first time in Atlanta would be a fun development. With his talent now back to where it was before Tommy John surgery a few years back, Weigel could get his first chance to claim a spot with the big league club both in the present and future.

What went wrong in 2020?

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Behind one run in the last inning in the second game of the September 4th doubleheader, the Braves had 17.1% win expectancy. Tyler Matzek, Chris Martin, and even Mark Melancon were available form the bullpen. Facing slim odds, Brian Snitker chose the rookie for his debut. Weigel faced Kurt Suzuki, and on a full count, walked him. On a 2-1 count to Eric Thames, he gave up a double to center. The remaining win expectancy was cut in half. He battled Wilmer Difo to a 2-2 count (and really had him struck out except for a bad call), and this happened.

The sacrifice fly was his first out and provided decent damage control. But then Patrick walked Luis Garcia on four not-particularly-close pitches. The fourth ball was an inside wild pitch that chased Eric Thames to third. Then Michael Taylor put down a cute bunt to third to score Eric Thames.

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And well, that’s pretty much your game. But not for Weigel. After a 9-pitch walk, and a bases-loaded groundout, the bases were still loaded with two out for Trea Turner. He had a few calls that didn’t go his way, but he had no swinging strikes in the 36-pitch outing.

Per Ivan, it was the second worst outing for Braves pitchers with one inning pitched or less:

There have, so far, been 18 pitchers in Braves (not Bees, not Beaneaters, etc.) history with only one career game to their credit. Of those 18, Weigel has the second-worst ERA and FIP in his lone game. John Cornely, who had one relief appearance (four runs, including a three-run homer, one walk, one strikeout) in 2015, is the only guy with a worse one-game mark than Weigel so far.

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Outlook for 2021

Unfortunately, not much changed for Patrick Weigel this year. He probably needs three or so months in AAA. He is currently on the 40 man roster. That’s where he was in March, and hopefully in 2021 he will get it. Patrick fought through a year of rehab from Tommy John surgery, and lost a lot of momentum. Fangraphs downgraded him to a well-below-starter 35+ FV. It is tough to tell if the organization thinks of him as a starter or reliever at this point. They limited his innings in 2019, but mainly because he was returning from an injury, not as a reliever. Although, he does seem to profile closer to a reliever at this point.

Patrick has a great slider, good curve, and a little work to make the fastball a go-to pitch. With another half-year in AAA, he will be definitely prepared to contribute in 2021.

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