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Kyle Wright for sure won’t forget the first time he met Hank Aaron.

Wright grew up in Huntsville as a Braves fan! Now, the Buckhorn grad plays for Atlanta.

Hank Aaron
As a kid, Wright repped the famous number 44 on a Braves jersey during his little league days.

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If the Atlanta Braves are looking to make a big trade this off-season, they may look to Cleveland and their star third baseman, José Ramírez.
The Atlanta Braves are still looking to replace Marcell Ozuna’s bat in the lineup this off-season. If Ozuna does not return to Atlanta, then one option could be looking to acquire José Ramírez from Cleveland.

Before today, some were wondering if Cleveland would look to be sellers during the off-season or if they would wait until closer to the trade deadline to potentially move some pieces.

Then this happened.

Braves Kyle Wright Jersey

With Francisco Lindor now a member of the New York Mets, will Cleveland consider moving some of their other valuable assets? More importantly, would they consider dealing José Ramírez?

It probably comes down to if Cleveland thinks they can still compete in the AL Central this year, and following years, or how long a potential rebuild may take them.

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This is because while trading a superstar in Lindor usually signals a rebuild (and he wasn’t the first major departure), it was presumed that Lindor would leave Cleveland after 2021 anyways, so it was probably smart of Cleveland to get something for Lindor rather than let him walk in free agency.

Ramírez has three years remaining on his current deal and finished 2nd in the AL MVP voting in 2020. Cleveland can be patient with Ramírez and get as much value as possible for him. They could also hope for a quick rebuild with Ramírez as the face of their franchise.

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However, Ramírez’s value is probably the highest it is going to be right now. If Cleveland really wants to rebuild, they would be wise to consider shopping Ramírez sooner rather than later.

What Price?
What might it take for Atlanta to trade for Ramírez?

Well, as mentioned earlier, it would probably take a decent haul, most likely more than the Mets gave up for Lindor.

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Cleveland did get a young shortstop in return for Francisco Lindor in Andrés Giménez, so they may look for a young third baseman in return for Ramírez… meaning the trade offer probably starts with Austin Riley.

Cleveland has also looked to improve their outfield over the last several years, so Drew Waters is probably included in talks as well. As would a young major league ready pitching prospect like Kyle Wright or Bryse Wilson.

Ender Inciarte could potentially be included as he will make a similar salary ($8 million) to Ramírez ($9 million) in 2021. His money would come off the books after this upcoming season, so this could be appealing to Cleveland to free up finances after 2021.

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Then the Braves may need to consider adding in another mid-level prospect such as Jasseel De La Cruz or someone similarly ranked.

This is all speculation of course on who Cleveland would potentially ask for, but one thing is for certain, Atlanta would have to pay a pretty penny to acquire José Ramírez, especially since he has such a team-friendly deal with three years of control.

Should the Braves do it? This would be the “all-in” type of move the Braves have yet to make over the last few seasons. This would be the first real deal involving several highly regarded prospects.

NEXT: The Deal of the Offseason
José Ramírez is a special talent. Adding him to the Braves roster would absolutely make this team one of the favorites, not just in the NL East, but in all of baseball.

Wright calls Hank Aaron his superhero. When the two met for the first time during spring training, Aaron surpassed even superhero status in Wright’s eyes.

“I know for me, the first time I met him, I was starstruck and I don’t get starstruck. Me, being a Braves fan growing up, now playing for him, getting a chance to meet Hank Aaron was the coolest thing for me,” Wright said. “Then, from that point on, every time I spoke to him, the fact that he remembers your name, all these little details, I think is just so cool.”

Wright says it still blows his mind how Aaron remembered his name every time they talked. He’ll be missed.

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