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For the kids and families participating in the North Metro Miracle League, it’s meant the disabled kids who are often the most vulnerable to the virus have had to stay at or near home, with their only connection often being limited to video calls.

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That’s where the Young Men’s Service League, a Milton-based, non-profit, mother-son organization stepped in to help keep the Miracle Leaguer’s connected. Their yearly “Camp Momentum” summer camp was canceled leaving many kids unable to interact with their friends and volunteers.

In order to keep the kids involved and in touch, the YMSL arranged a series of “face time buddies” Zoom calls between the Miracle Leaguer’s and their volunteer friends.

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Teenager Jason Dorn has, according to his mom Andrea, struggled with the pandemic restrictions because he loves to hang out with his friends. Jason has cerebral palsy and several other conditions making him highly susceptible to COVID-19 and has kept him very close to home.

Dorn got paired up with Rachel and Braden Yatteu as face time buddies. The three made Zoom calls a regular occurrence and it was during those chats when the Yatteu’s found out Jason’s favorite baseball player and idol was former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz.

The most recent call between the Yatteu’s and Jason had a surprise guest. None other than Smoltzie himself.

Getting to talk with John Smoltz is something Jason will never forget. Smoltz promised Dorn he’d get a shoutout during one of the MLB Network segments the Hall of Fame pitcher and baseball analyst appears on during the week.

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