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The Atlanta bullpen was outstanding in 2020, piecing together one of the best units in the National League. One arm that cannot claim to have made the Braves bullpen successful this season was Chad Sobotka. After an electric debut in 2018, Sobotka has been unable to recapture the magic in the past two seasons.

Chad Sobotka Jersey

What went right in 2020?

Sobotka began the season with three scoreless outings in early-August. Things appeared to be looking up for the young right-hander, despite the sporadic nature of his roster spot. Sobotka was optioned and recalled multiple times within a week span in early-August, then disappeared until September.

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What went wrong in 2020?

The big topic of conversation yesterday was how manager Brian Snitker managed the team’s bullpen during the the Braves’ doubleheader against the Nationals. Why did Snitker feel compelled to warm up and use AJ Minter in a game that the Braves had comfortably in hand? Why did he use Patrick Weigel for his major league debut in a close game late when he could have been used earlier or even in game one?

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Why the hell was Charlie Culberson, a position player, pitching in a three run game when there were relievers available and the team was coming off an off day? These are all questions for a different article.

The fact remained that with the loss of 29th man Weigel and an apparent need for bullpen reinforcements, the team made a familiar roster move.

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Sobotka has firmly entrenched himself as the guy the Braves call up when they need to switch out for a fresh bullpen arm and then, usually, getting sent right back down when a guy is fresh again or someone comes off the injured list.

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With Ynoa throwing multiple innings yesterday and those innings being….less than good, this was a natural move to make even if many fans wish they could see a fresh faces. In three appearances this season with the big league club, Sobotka has given up no runs with a pair of walks and a hit…although his track record is a bit scarier than that which explains why he hasn’t been able to cement a role in the Braves bullpen which finds itself as one the team’s strengths.

When Sobotka finally resurfaced a month later, the Washington Nationals awaited. On September 5th, Sobotka took the mound and allowed five runs in 2⁄3 of an inning. This outburst included five hits, including three doubles, as the Braves let a winnable game become a blowout at the hands of Sobotka. This single outing left the right-hander with a 12.27 ERA on the season.

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It would be difficult to project any sort of permanent role for Sobotka in the Braves bullpen next season. His frequent boarding of the Gwinnett shuttle in 2020 would seem a likely fate again next season, as his standing in the organization would be difficult to reverse quickly. Sobotka is erratic and wild, but does have an impressive arsenal, so he will likely remain a secondary option that can serve in limited roles in case of injury.

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