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Kyle Wright for sure won’t forget the first time he met Hank Aaron.

Wright grew up in Huntsville as a Braves fan! Now, the Buckhorn grad plays for Atlanta.

Hank Aaron
As a kid, Wright repped the famous number 44 on a Braves jersey during his little league days.

Kyle Wright Jersey

If the Atlanta Braves are looking to make a big trade this off-season, they may look to Cleveland and their star third baseman, José Ramírez.
The Atlanta Braves are still looking to replace Marcell Ozuna’s bat in the lineup this off-season. If Ozuna does not return to Atlanta, then one option could be looking to acquire José Ramírez from Cleveland.

Before today, some were wondering if Cleveland would look to be sellers during the off-season or if they would wait until closer to the trade deadline to potentially move some pieces.

Then this happened.

Braves Kyle Wright Jersey

With Francisco Lindor now a member of the New York Mets, will Cleveland consider moving some of their other valuable assets? More importantly, would they consider dealing José Ramírez?

It probably comes down to if Cleveland thinks they can still compete in the AL Central this year, and following years, or how long a potential rebuild may take them.

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This is because while trading a superstar in Lindor usually signals a rebuild (and he wasn’t the first major departure), it was presumed that Lindor would leave Cleveland after 2021 anyways, so it was probably smart of Cleveland to get something for Lindor rather than let him walk in free agency.

Ramírez has three years remaining on his current deal and finished 2nd in the AL MVP voting in 2020. Cleveland can be patient with Ramírez and get as much value as possible for him. They could also hope for a quick rebuild with Ramírez as the face of their franchise.

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However, Ramírez’s value is probably the highest it is going to be right now. If Cleveland really wants to rebuild, they would be wise to consider shopping Ramírez sooner rather than later.

What Price?
What might it take for Atlanta to trade for Ramírez?

Well, as mentioned earlier, it would probably take a decent haul, most likely more than the Mets gave up for Lindor.

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Cleveland did get a young shortstop in return for Francisco Lindor in Andrés Giménez, so they may look for a young third baseman in return for Ramírez… meaning the trade offer probably starts with Austin Riley.

Cleveland has also looked to improve their outfield over the last several years, so Drew Waters is probably included in talks as well. As would a young major league ready pitching prospect like Kyle Wright or Bryse Wilson.

Ender Inciarte could potentially be included as he will make a similar salary ($8 million) to Ramírez ($9 million) in 2021. His money would come off the books after this upcoming season, so this could be appealing to Cleveland to free up finances after 2021.

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Then the Braves may need to consider adding in another mid-level prospect such as Jasseel De La Cruz or someone similarly ranked.

This is all speculation of course on who Cleveland would potentially ask for, but one thing is for certain, Atlanta would have to pay a pretty penny to acquire José Ramírez, especially since he has such a team-friendly deal with three years of control.

Should the Braves do it? This would be the “all-in” type of move the Braves have yet to make over the last few seasons. This would be the first real deal involving several highly regarded prospects.

NEXT: The Deal of the Offseason
José Ramírez is a special talent. Adding him to the Braves roster would absolutely make this team one of the favorites, not just in the NL East, but in all of baseball.

Wright calls Hank Aaron his superhero. When the two met for the first time during spring training, Aaron surpassed even superhero status in Wright’s eyes.

“I know for me, the first time I met him, I was starstruck and I don’t get starstruck. Me, being a Braves fan growing up, now playing for him, getting a chance to meet Hank Aaron was the coolest thing for me,” Wright said. “Then, from that point on, every time I spoke to him, the fact that he remembers your name, all these little details, I think is just so cool.”

Wright says it still blows his mind how Aaron remembered his name every time they talked. He’ll be missed.

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Where the Braves are concerned, the hot stove has resembled something a little more lukewarm. Maybe a hot plate? A candle warmer?

The Braves need an outfielder and the Blue Jays and Astros took two of the top options off the table, with Toronto snagging George Springer and was the reported destination for Michael Brantley before he opted to return to Houston. Meanwhile came a report that Marcell Ozuna is “highly unlikely” to resign with Atlanta given their payroll structure.

Mike Soroka Jersey

The sad-face emoji is the choice du jour here, but the Braves remain of interest, both as that need for a bat (preferably right-handed) that may be headed for a lackluster resolution, and what comes out of two pieces of its young core — Mike Soroka and Dansby Swanson — potentially heading to sticky arbitration hearings.

On Soroka, Swanson, what’s next for the lineup, a farewell to another Braves legend and more in this week’s Starting Nine.

1. Are Mike Soroka or Dansby Swanson extension candidates?

Braves Mike Soroka Jersey

The Braves’ file-and-trial ways leave two potential outcomes for Soroka and Swanson after the sides failed to agree to one-year deals before last Friday’s deadline: a hearing or a multi-year deal. Those hearings, as best illustrated by Mike Foltynewicz in 2018, can be the stage for some hurt feelings, be it in the performance undressing that’s part of the process, or a misunderstanding of the process itself. It’s a situation Atlanta would likely look to avoid with two key players, whose salary demands were $700,000 below what the Braves wanted to pay (Swanson filed at $6.7 million and Soroka was at $2.8 million), putting their candidacy for extensions up for discussion. Soroka is a year removed from being National League Rookie of the Year runner up and top five in Cy Young voting, yet he’s thrown just 214 innings in three seasons due to a shoulder injury in 2018 and last year’s Achilles tear that sidelined him after just three starts. Swanson is coming off career peaks — a .274/.345/.464 slash line and 116 wRC+ — in a shortened season that was bolstered by a .350 BABIP, but he has yet to play more than 144 games in any normal season due to injuries (wrist in 2018 and heel in ‘19).

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As of now, the Braves and starter Mike Soroka are headed to an arbitration hearing next month. That prompted the thought: Whether it’s in the next few weeks or down the line, the Braves would be wise to explore an early extension with their budding ace, who as a Super-Two player will be eligible for arbitration four times.

Soroka, 23, is the organization’s most prized pitcher. He emerged as the Braves’ crown jewel after they spent years of accumulating pitching prospects. In 2019, Soroka’s first full season, he had a 2.68 ERA with a 142:41 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He earned All-Star honors — the youngest pitcher in Braves history to do so — and finished sixth in Cy Young voting.

Womens Mike Soroka Jersey

There wasn’t an encore in 2020, however, because Soroka tore his Achilles in his third start of the abridged campaign. It was an enormous blow to a Braves team that finished one game away from a World Series berth. Their hope is Soroka’s return will help push them over that final hump.

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Mike Soroka compared with Greg Maddux
So if the Braves believe he’ll recapture his 2019 form – and they seem confident in such, with Soroka likely to return sometime early in the coming season – there should be motivation for both sides to explore an extension.

Cheap Mike Soroka Jersey

A long-term commitment, say four or five years, provides Soroka financial security. While the contract would buy out a free-agent year or two, Soroka would still be positioned to hit the market in his late 20s. For the Braves, they secure one of their more promising young players while having a known number on the books. Cost certainty always is a plus.

What’s the price for a pitcher under these circumstances? It’s difficult to speculate because circumstances are always unique. But we’ll go off recent history and find a reasonable range.

For one, Soroka has accrued 2.146 years of service time. The Braves last signed a pitcher with such little service time in 2014, when they gave Julio Teheran a six-year deal worth $32.4 million after Teheran had just over a year in the bigs.

Soroka’s price will be much higher. The Rays extended Blake Snell for four years, $50 million in March 2019, when the 26-year-old was fresh off winning the Cy Young award. It was the biggest deal given to a player with two years of service, covering the 2019 season, three arbitration seasons and one season of free agency.

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The fact that Swanson hasn’t performed like to that level or been able to stay on the field in a 162-game season may be why Soroka may be the better option to end the standoff with an extension. We’ve seen him become one of the NL’s top arms, ranking third with a 2.43 ERA over 29 starts in ‘19 but may not have seen his ceiling yet. Consider the paths the Phillies and Yankees took with Aaron Nola and Luis Severino, respectively. Nola and Philadelphia were $2.2 million apart — he wanted $6.75 million — before they agreed to a four-year, $45 million contract and Severino wanted $5.25 million — $800K below New York’s offer — and they reached a four-year, $40 million deal.

Both of those pitchers would have set a record for a player without a Cy Young Award on their resume in their first year of arbitration eligibility before those deals, which Soroka would have likely bettered had he been healthy in 2020. From that end, the Braves may be getting a bargain given the starting point of his 2021 compensation and a similar pact to those of Nola and Severino would either take Soroka into free agency in 2025 or buy out walk years as well seems prudent, especially with the uncertainties that come with collective bargaining agreement negotiations looming. There’s the chance that leads both Soroka and Swanson to be more amicable to a multi-year deal but locking up the Braves’ ace seems the more likely of the two.

Rest In Peace, Don.

— Atlanta Braves (@Braves) January 19, 2021
2. Remembering Don Sutton
Hall of Famer. A 300-game winner. Don Sutton’s baseball life was truly unique in that he’d go on to become a part of the fabric of a team he never even played for, broadcasting Braves games for nearly three decades. Sutton died Monday at 75, and with his passing I can’t help but think of how welcoming he was as I began covering the Braves in 2013. He was the first in-person guest Zach Dillard and I ever had on Chopcast, and going back and listening to the interview, it stuck with me how grateful Sutton was to not only find his second career, but that he got to do it Atlanta. He told the story of Pete Van Wieren approaching the then-Dodgers right-hander before a start in 1976 at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Van Wieren asking Sutton asking Sutton to appear on a pregame show.

“I wasn’t concentrating on his questions — I hope the interview turned out alright — I was sitting there thinking ‘You know, one day I’m going to work with him” and that was in 1976,” Sutton said. “I said to him as we were wrapping up the interview, ‘One day we’re going to work together’ and 13 years later we started working together.” I asked how Sutton how he was able to endear himself to Braves fans despite his having spent the brunt of his 23-year career in Los Angeles and Sutton replied “I think part of it is being real. I was a fan of Atlanta. I pitched against the Braves a lot. I’m a Southern boy. I’m from the South. So, it’s not like I had to learn the history of Chicago or I had to learn the traditions of Philadelphia. I came back here as someone who was coming home.” He came home and to Braves fans, he became part of the nightly soundtrack of their homes. Rest in peace, Don and thanks for always being so gracious.

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It is officially prospect season as many outlets continue to roll out their preseason top prospect lists ahead of the start of spring training. Baseball Prospectus dropped its Top 101 list Thursday morning and the Atlanta Braves are well represented with five prospects making the cut including three in the Top 40.

Kyle Muller Jersey

No. 5 – Ian Anderson RHP
No. 18 – Cristian Pache OF
No. 40 – Drew Waters OF
No. 62 – Kyle Muller – LHP
No. 81 – Shea Langeliers – C

Anderson is the big mover here jumping from No. 38 last season into the Top 5. He Pache and Waters are virtual locks for everyone’s Top 100 list. Kyle Muller and Shea Langeliers round out the Braves entries here and both received good reviews for their work at the alternate training site during 2020. Muller was added to the 40-man roster this offseason and could be in line to make his debut at some point in 2021. Langeliers may be a little further away, but it will be interesting to see if the Braves get aggressive with his placement in the minors this season.

Braves Kyle Muller Jersey

The Atlanta Braves acted quickly this offseason in solidifying their starting rotation with the addition Tof free agents Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly on a pair of one-year deals. While the rotation appears to be in good shape, there is still work to be done with the rest of the roster. Below we will take a closer look at where things currently stand coming out of the holidays.

The Braves currently have 38 players on their 40-man roster and those are the only players I am considering for this exercise. Also, I am projecting a 26-man roster with no DH which was what was in place before Spring raining was shut down in 2020. This outlook will change considerably before Spring Training begins, but this can serve as an example of what areas still need to be shored up this offseason.

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Projected Rotation

Mike Soroka* – RHP
Max Fried – LHP
Charlie Morton – RHP
Ian Anderson – RHP
Drew Smyly – LHP
Others: Kyle Wright, Bryse Wilson, Touki Toussaint, Huascar Ynoa, Tucker Davidson, Kyle Muller

The additions of Morton and Smyly, along with the expected return of Mike Soroka from injury gives the Braves a much different look in the rotation than what they deployed in 2020. On paper, Atlanta has much more rotation depth provided that Soroka is ready to go early in the season, as expected . Kyle Wright and Bryse Wilson would likely be the next two options while Touki Toussaint and Huascar Ynoa would also be available. This may be the point in time where we see Toussaint or Ynoa shifted to a bullpen role but we are going to leave them here in this group for now. Tucker Davidson made his Major League debut during the final regular season series and should be a factor at some point in 2021. Kyle Muller was added to the 40-man roster this offseason and is Atlanta’s current top pitching prospect that has yet to appear in the majors.

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Projected Bullpen

Will Smith – LHP
Chris Martin – RHP
Tyler Matzek – LHP
A.J. Minter – LHP
Luke Jackson – RHP
Jacob Webb – RHP
Grant Dayton – LHP
Josh Tomlin – RHP
Others: Sean Newcomb, Philip Pfeifer, Jasseel De La Cruz, Chad Sobotka, Jeremy Walker, Patrick Weigel

I still would not be surprised to see the Braves add another veteran reliever to the mix, whether that is a reunion with Mark Melancon or someone else. The back half of the bullpen still has a lot of depth provided that Will Smith bounces back while Tyler Matzek and A.J. Minter repeat their 2020 success. Chris Martin could step into Melancon’s closer role with Smith working other high leverage situations.

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I don’t know that the Braves would actually carry four lefties in their bullpen but a lot of these guys can be interchangeable. Sean Newcomb seems like a safe bet to return to a relief role and could easily capture a spot. Patrick Weigel and Jasseel De La Cruz should get some looks during the spring. Philip Pfeifer and Jeremy Walker spent the 2020 season on the injured list while Chad Sobotka has been able to hold on to a 40-man spot for a while despite poor performance.

Projected Lineup

Ronald Acuna Jr. – RF
Ozzie Albies – 2B
Freddie Freeman – 1B
Travis d’Arnaud – C
Austin Riley – 3B
Dansby Swanson – SS
Cristian Pache – CF
Ender Inciarte – LF
I think it is a pretty safe bet that Atlanta will add an outfielder, whether that is Marcell Ozuna or someone else, before Spring Training so this will likely change going forward. However, this is how things stand currently. It remains to be seen whether or not Ender Inciarte will stick on the roster, but if he isn’t traded, he will go to Spring Training trying to lock down a roster spot. If the DH doesn’t return to the NL in 2021, then I expect Freddie Freeman to return to the third spot in the batting order as well.

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Projected Bench:

Alex Jackson – C
Johan Camargo – INF
Jack Mayfield – INF
Abraham Almonte – OF
William Contreras – C
As you can see from the bench projection above, Atlanta is currently a little short on position players for the 40-man roster. Besides an outfielder, it seems likely that the Braves will add a veteran catcher to back up Travis d’Arnaud. There has been some chatter about William Contreras possibly filling that role, but I think it is much more likely that he spends most of the season at Gwinnett and could be a possibility during the second half.

The Braves signed Johan Camargo to a non-guaranteed deal and he probably needs to show something during the spring to grab a roster spot. Atlanta claimed Jack Mayfield off of waivers from Houston and he has options remaining, so he could be sent to Gwinnett. I’m not convinced Abraham Almonte can lock down a bench slot either, so expect this bench unit to look very different by the time Spring Training gets here.